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Oh You Dirty Dog NJ - Morris County New Jersey Mobile Dog Grooming Company

Morris County NJ Mobile Dog Grooming Company / Mobile Dog Grooming Company Morris County NJ / East Hanover NJ Mobile Dog Grooming Services / Mobile Dog Grooming Services Morris County NJ

Oh You Dirty Dog - Morris County's NJ Highest Quality Mobile Dog Grooming Company

Oh You Dirty Dog NJ provides the highest quality and most affordable rates. We specialize in Mobile Dog Grooming ( Morris County NJ's Best Mobile Dog Groomer)

Grooming plays an important role in your pets overall health and wellness. Dogs kept on a regular 4,6 or 8 week schedule experience easier and more enjoyable grooming sessions.

Full Grooming sessions always consist of the following:

Snout to tail inspection (Groomers are often the first to recognize skin and coat problems as well as other health concerns)
Nail clipping / filing
Ear cleaning / hair plucked if required
Sanitary trim
Pads trimmed
Massaging bath with specialty shampoo selected for your pet’s coat type
Blow dry and brush out (no cage drying)
Breed specific haircut or personality cut
Deshedding when required (Furminator / Coat King)
Bandana or bow

Flea & tick bath
Blueberry facial
Medicated shampoo
Anal glands expressed
Teeth brushing (poultry flavored tooth paste)
Nail polish
De-matting (De-matting can be a time consuming, uncomfortable process and will not be performed on severely matted pets. A shave down will be recommended and a grooming schedule will be discussed to prevent future matting)

Grooming prices are based on breed, size of dog, coat condition, and temperament.

Please call to discuss your pet’s specific grooming needs. 973.908.9387

Mobile Dog Grooming Services East Hanover NJ